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Gilberto Aldama

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        Have you asked questions like, How can I sell my home fast? Who buys homes in Monterey County? Have you seen the WE BUY UGLY HOUSES signs and are interested in finding people who buy real estate?  Do you need to liquidate a property in California and just want cash ASAP? Losing your house and need help? Look no further because we buy houses for cash all over California! 

      Whether you are an investor looking work with me or a home owner looking to sell quick, I am confident that I can provide a hassle free experience to my clientele. I work mainly with properties on the central coast of California and would like to assist anybody willing to do business with me.

       If you need to sell a property and know that listing with an agent isn't the right solution for you, we're here to help. We are ready to give you a fair, fast and honest price for your property. 

We buy houses in Salinas, Monterey, Marina, Gilroy, Big Sur, Soledad, Sacramento, Modesto, Merced, and nearby cities

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