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Our mission is to adequately inform every homeowner that we get in contact with so that they are able to make the decision that best benefits them. 

How to sell your house fast in California

Call or text 831-272-2016 or fill out the form to get us to contact you.

If it's in an area we're interested in we will give an offer after seeing the property.

Once we agree on terms we can have it close within 2 weeks at your local title company. 

Once the transaction closes at the title company the house is transfered to our company and you recieve your money!

        Have you asked questions like, How can I sell my home fast? Who buys homes in Monterey County? Have you seen the WE BUY UGLY HOUSES signs and are interested in finding people who buy real estate?  Do you need to liquidate a property in California and just want cash ASAP? Losing your house and need help? Look no further because we buy houses for cash all over California! 

      Whether you are an investor looking work with me or a home owner looking to sell quick, I am confident that I can provide a hassle free experience to homeowners. I work mainly with properties that are in conditions that require TLC. I've seen all situations from not wanting to repair to get top dollar to just wanting to leave the city ASAP. Whatever it may be, I would like to assist anybody willing to do business with me.

       If you need to sell a property and know that listing with an agent isn't the right solution for you, we're here to help. We are ready to give you a fair, fast and honest price for your property. A common misconception is that you have to sell your property though an agent. While agents can help you get a retail buyer, they are not the buyer themselves. Avoid all the hassles and allow us to present to you an offer that will be free of extra costs and fees. 

      Me and my team are focused on finding out what specific situation we are dealing with when someone contacts us. Selling to us is not always going to be the best option for you and we will lay down the exact process that you should go though depending on your situation. We pride ourselves with great ethics which allows us to earn trust in our communities. 

      I hope we can help out homeowners during stressfull times involving their greatest asset. 


We buy houses in all major cities in California Texas and Colorado. 

Common Homeowner Concerns 

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What is the cost of selling a house in 2020?

sell my house fast before foreclosure?


Buy land,

they're not

making it anymore

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