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We Buy Houses in California and other states!

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Welcome to
Monterey Real Estate Solutions

Earn money by referring properties to us! 

Earn $300 for every run down house you refer to us! 
If/when we close you will receive your payment! 
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Get cash for reffering ugly houses in your neighborhood!


Our mission is to adequately inform every homeowner that we get in contact with so that they are able to make the decision that best benefits them. 

we also operate in all major
California markets!

Call or text 831-309-2136 or fill out the form to get us to contact you.

If it's in an area we're interested in we will give an offer after seeing the property.

Once we agree on terms we can have it close within 3-4 weeks at your local title company. 

Once the transaction closes at the title company the house is transfered to our company and you recieve your money!

        Have you asked questions like, How can I sell my home fast? Who buys homes in Monterey County? Do I have to sell my house though a realtor? What are these "We buy houses" signs and how does that work? 

Is selling real estate without an licensed agent legal? 

         Do you need to liquidate a property in California want your equity money ASAP? Losing your house and need fast help? Look no further because we buy houses for cash all over California! 

       I am confident that I can provide a hassle free experience to homeowners. I work mainly with properties that are in conditions that require TLC. I've seen all situations from not wanting to repair to get top dollar to just wanting to leave the city ASAP. Whatever it may be, I would like to assist anybody willing to get in contact with me.

       If you need to sell a property and know that listing with an agent isn't the right solution for you, we're here to help. We are ready to give you a fair, fast and honest price for your property. A common misconception is that you have to sell your property though an agent. While agents can help you get a retail buyer, they are not the buyer themselves. Avoid all the time hassle and allow us to present to you an offer that will be free of extra costs and fees. 

      Me and my team are focused on finding out what specific situation we are dealing with when someone contacts us. Selling to us is not always going to be the best option for you and we will lay down the exact process that you should go though depending on your situation. We pride ourselves with great ethics which allows us to earn trust in our communities. 

      It is an honor to help people and to be trusted enough to be able to give advice on their most sentimental asset. 

-Gilberto Aldama 


We strive to operate our business with integrity honesty and golden rule principles. 


Buy land,
they're not
making it anymore
-Mark Twain

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About the owner of Monterey Real Estate Solutions.

     My name is Gilberto Aldama, owner of Monterey Real Estate Solutions. I became involved in Real Estate in early 2019. Since then I've learned a lot about dealing with homeowners and buyers. Born in Salinas CA allowed me to see people from all walks of life and helped me understand that people often go through difficult situations, especially with their homes. When I came across real estate investing I was excited to see that I was able to help out homeowners get what they wanted and acquire a property that was no longer benefiting them. I learned to always serve the sellers interest first and live by a principle of being open, honest, and transparent with each person I meet. I strive to provide all the options the homeowner has and love to see people make informed decisions. I hope I can continue to serve my community with my skillset and continue to provide solutions to all of California, and expand to help nationwide!

                                                                                                                                       -Gilberto Aldama

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