Helpful Information for homeowners

Are you at risk of losing your house? Is your home in pre-foreclosure and you are wondering what you have to do to get out of the situation? Did a situation come up that made keeping up with mortgage payments difficult? Plenty of people have gone through similar situations. Here is a video explaining what the process is like and usually the best solution to avoid an auction sale which ruins credit and leaves you with nothing is to sell before that auction date approaches. 

Do you have an outstanding tax lien on your property and are looking for answers on what it means for your home? Are you looking for a solution to your property lien dilemma?Usually the only way to remove liens is to pay them off or sell the house with the proceeds from the sale going to pay the home. 

Have you had a family member pass away and you inherited a property? The process which the home goes through is reffered to as the probate process. If you are the main beneficiary you are left with a decision to make. You can either rent it out, keep it for yourself or sell.  

Are you going through a divorce and are left with the decision to sell the home? Is the house associated with too many memories and you want a fresh start? Don't want to wait the long period of time that it takes for someone to find your home on the MLS with a realtor? Selling to an investor is a good option because they provide speed, convenience and anonymity when you choose to sell

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