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All the ways you can sell your property!

     There are many ways that you can sell your property. You can either sell it by yourself (for sale by owner), with an agent, or with an investor. We will go over all those ways and their benefits/cons on this page. 

Selling for sale by owner.

     A viable option for people is to sell their home on their own. This is America! You are not legally forced to sell with an agent. Here are some of the pros about doing this. 

  • You get to be in control of the whole process. 

  • Nobody is rushing you of telling you what you should or shouldn't do.

  • You don't have to pay anybody any fees for helping you sell.

  • You can choose the highest most reliable offer without losing any money.

Now some quick cons,

  • You have a lot more responsibility in dealing with people, even the pushy, rude, and annoying ones. 

  • You will have to take all the photos/videos and deal with people walking in and out of the property.

  • You will have to be educated on the process of selling the house all the way through. 

  • You will not have the expertise of someone who has worked in the business/market for decades. 

With all that said, you still can sell your home by yourself. The most recommened ways are Zillow For Sale By Owner, Facebook Marketplace,, Craigslist, normal signs outside the house and in the neighborhood, as well as many other niche ways! 

Selling with an agent

Selling to a real estate investor/ buying company

An agent is a traditional way that people have used to sell their home for the highest price because they have access to the multiple listing service which connects you with every other agent and every person who is looking for houses. Think of it like a mall where everybody knows that the products they want are in one location. Here are some quick pros.

  • They will do most of the leg work when it comes to marketing the property and showing the house

  • An agent is motivated to get you the highest price possible because they earn a percentage of the selling price.

  • Agents are educated in all the rules/ regulations in real estate and will hold your hand all the way through. 

  • They will deal with all the people who are interested and will weed out all the "tire kickers" and pull out proof of funds from people. 

Now those are some good benefits but it does come with a cost.

  • At a 6% realtor commission fee, you will pay out of pocket after closing, $30,000 on a 500,000 dollar home, or $60,000 on a million dollar home. 

  • You may also be waiting on average a few months to get the highest offer for your property which is not always ideal and may lead to friction with the agent. 

  • The potential price your agent mentioned to you which sounded amazing might not have been completely honest and you'll have to settle for something less after you are exhausted of waiting and paying holding costs.

  • You may have to put more money into the property to get it in a livable condition for the next homeowner or risk selling for a lower than market value.

Now with this out in the open, you can still choose to have a real estate professional represent you and your sale. You can look on sites like or or to find the best listing agent for you in your area. There are many to choose from and you may want to speak with them on the phone or see any reviews they may have before choosing one. 

     We here at Monterey Real Estate Solutions are real estate buyers. We always aim to present sellers all their options and even present them ways to keep their property as an asset for themselves instead of selling. We understand that sometimes its just time to sell and move on though. Here are some of the pros of selling to a private investor like us,

  • An home buyer will buy the property in its current condition. This is because they are most likely looking to remodel it or rent it out. 

  • They will give you a cash offer which is net to you meaning there are no other fees you will have to pay. The number you get offered is what you'll put in your pocket after paying off the remaining mortgage loan. 

  • There is only one or two walkthroughs you'll have to do to get the deal done!

  • The sale will be discreet and no one will see that you are selling until your moved out.

  • You will not have to pay any closing costs as that is covered by the buyer. 

  • Investors can come up with ways for you to sell even if you have little equity in the house (seller finance).

Now here are the cons,

  • You will be offered a price that is going to have to make financial sense for the investor, they are running a business and need to profit.

  • Depending on who you choose, the buyer may not be credible or reliable. It is important to check their proof of funds and their reviews online. 

  • The investor may have plans for the property that you do not agree with, like renting it out or building ADU's. 

  • A person may present themselves as an investor, but may be a scammer. It is important to ask if the investor knows anybody trustworthy in the market who has seen them do business and can vouch for them. A realtor, title company or broker can be good references for gaining credibility. 

We here at Monterey Real Estate Solutions would love to help any seller find the right solution for their situation. If you want to know more about what option is best for you feel free to call 831-273-3820

                                                                                                       Best of luck! -Gilberto Aldama

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