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Our Lending Services

We now offer our capital to other real estate investors! Have you been in situations where you need transactional Funding for a double close, Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) for a wholesale deal, or a sponsor for a real estate loan? We can partner up with you to ensure we can get your deal closed!

-Gilberto Aldama from Monterey Real Estate Solutions

Message me on Facebook with the button above and give a description of the deal you have going on

Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) Loans

Need a quick loan to get an on market deal with a large EMD? Is your seller asking for a large Earnest Money Deposit which is stopping your from getting the deal done?

Earnest Money Deposit Wholesale Real Estate

Coming Soon!


Reaching a Deal

Transactional Funding

Do you need to double close on a property for privacy or legal reasons? Does your state frown upon assigning properties? Partner with us to be able to close on deals!

Signing a Contract

Coming Soon!


Nail on the Wall
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