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Do you have to work with a realtor in 2019?

Whether your buying or selling a home you are probably considering working with a realtor. While a realtor can help you explore all your options and help guide you through the process, it comes at an average 6% cost for both the sellers agent and buyers agent. Lets take a look at some of the reasons you should consider selling your home off market.

When you list the home off market and it sells, you don't have to pay any closing costs or commissions depending on how the contract is worded. This is good because you get to accept an offer you are comfortable with and not have to pay any percentage of it to someone who orchestrated the deal.

Its easy to find cash offers from either investors like us, or other retail buyers with today's technology. An ad on the paper or a sign in front of the house still work great for getting attention to the property.

People close deals off market all the time! The benefit of a realtor when selling is that they get more attention on the property. It is important to know that a realtor is not necessary to a transaction and is more of a middle man. If you find the right offer on your property then you can write up an agreement and take it to the local title company or attorney and close on the deal within a week.

So when you feel confident enough to market your home on your own or sell it off market, do it with confidence knowing that the title company is the only place necessary for a real estate transaction to occur.

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