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Protect your Home from Home Invasions 2019.

Everybody thinks it will never happen to them. Until it does. Then they wish they would have acted on buying that home security system. Here at Monterrey Real Estate Solutions we have picked 2 top rated most popular home security devices available through amazon,

What can homeowners do?

You can create a strong community with your neighbors by striking up conversations about efforts to keep the neighborhood safe. Tell each other what cars belong to your house and to note or record any suspicious activity.

What technology is there to protect our homes?

1. The Blink XT Home Security Camera System

is one of the most well reviewed home security products on the market. Includes 3 cameras and cloud video storage.


Ring Alarm – Home Security System

This alarm works with Alexa and is a perfect edition to any smart home!

Some well trained poochies might scare off any intruder as well.

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